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Current international interest (anything really) Essay

Current international interest (anything really) - Essay Example Armed extortion is one of the ways of making a living in Somalia. Piracy today in Somalia is a highly profitable enterprise raking in millions of dollars through ransom. It is growing at an alarming rate. According to reports about 41 ships were attacked in 2007, more than 122 were attacked in 2008 and more than 100 in 2009. The situation is grim and has become a cause for worry with reports of connection between the pirates and Islamist extremists. Most of the pirates are from Puntland, situated in northeastern Somalia and their ages range from 20 to 35.According to The East African Seafarers Association there are about five pirate gangs consisting of about 1,000 armed men. The pirates are mainly local Somali fishermen who work for themselves and are known for their skill and knowledge of the sea. Some pirates are ex-militiamen who used to fight for the local warlords. What began as small acts of piracy on small and vulnerable ships has today reached alarming proportions. From 2008 Somali pirates have attacked ships much outside the Gulf of Aden. There has been an increase in the frequency and sophistication of the attacks. The size of vessels hijacked has also increased and today large cargo ships and international oil and chemical tankers have become the new targets for the Somali pirates. The economic success of the pirates has had negative effect on local residents. The presence of armed men makes the local residents feel insecure, and the lavish spending ways of the pirates has caused great fluctuations in the local exchange rate. There are also reports that some Islamist groups have used Somali Pirates to smuggle arms. US Navys Fifth Fleet and many other countries have deployed ships to patrol the coast of Somalia and the Gulf of Aden. Egypt along with Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan and Sudan has formulated a joint strategy against piracy. But the size of the coast and the traffic of ships that goes past Somalia make it

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Abuelitas Beans Essay Example for Free

Abuelitas Beans Essay Nothing can be more enticing to a nose than waking up to the delicious aroma of simmering beans. The scent compels one to peal away the comforter and stagger into the kitchen for a bowl of creamy delicious beans. Pinto beans have been a staple in Mexican cuisine for hundreds of years, and every family has his/her own recipe. I recall, as a young girl growing up in a large, Mexican family, that there was always a large pot of legumes ready to nourish twelve mouths for less than five-dollars. Dad always ended his meal rubbing his barrel stomach while saying his favorite aphorism, â€Å"Pansa llena, corazon contento† (â€Å"Full belly, happy heart†), which always meant that the beans were delicious. Here is Abuelita’s recipe to fill the tummy of those that are endearing to one’s heart. Cooking beans really is not that hard. First, gather the supplies needed: one, five-quart slow-cooker with a ceramic liner with a glass lid cover, a sturdy plastic cooking spoon ( Abuelita always said that one should never stir the beans with a metal spoon or they will stick and burn.I obey her. ), one-pound dried pinto beans, one-half aromatic white onion, two fresh garlic cloves, water, and two tablespoons kosher salt. Several people have asked me, â€Å"Why a slow-cooker? † Well, all the women in the family cook the legumes in a cazuela (an earthenware pot made of clay). The cookware is either given to the bride at her wedding with hopes that her culinary endeavors will produce a happy marriage, or it is an inheritance from her mother or grandmother. The beans have a better taste if cooked in the cazuela, at least that is what the women in my family declare. I on the other hand, embrace the beauty of the slow cooker; it frees me to leave the house to run errands, and I have never endured stinky-burned beans. Once all the supplies and ingredients have been gathered and prepped, proceed by placing beans in a colander. Rinse the beans and run them through one’s hands to make sure debris is washed away, and small stones are picked out. Put the beans into the slow-cooker and cover them with water. Furthermore, add all the ingredients in the cooker. Except for the salt. Set the temperature at high for six to eight hours. After one hour, the earthy aroma starts to penetrate the whole house, reminding one of what will be for consumption. Please, if you want plump beans do not stir the beans during the first two hours. After approximately three hours, check to see if water is needed, due to water evaporation, and the legumes absorb a lot of water. Always add hot water never cold because the cold temperature lowers the heat and toughens the beans. Once another three hours has past, test the legumes for doneness. I was told when one bites into a bean, it should be soft and creamy. As a result from respecting the process, and not disturbing them, the pot liquid will have thickened leaving a delicious dark chocolate color broth for a healthy soup. Lastly, but not least, it is time to salt the beans. Add two tablespoons of kosher salt and stir with a wooden or plastic spoon. Go ahead and taste the broth and decide if more salt is needed. Always remember to gradually add salt to the beans since adding is easier than extracting. In the end, set the temperature to warm and ladle beans into the bowl of one’s choice. In conclusion, if an individual follows these simple steps of gathering supplies, for example, a slow-cooker, it will make the process of cooking worry free. Basically, pinto beans are easy to make, but easier to consume any time of day, resulting in everyone rubbing his/her tummy’s with contentment. â€Å"Buen Provecho! †(Enjoy your meal).

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Livvie Essay -- essays research papers

"Livvie", A Celebration of life Eudora Welty’s "Livvie", is a great story on how life should be celebrated. The story is about a young woman , who marries and old man, that in a since imprisons her. The young girl gets a second chance at life when a younger man (someone her own age) enters her life and the older man is about to die. The theme Welty is trying to get across is live life to the fullest. Welty shows the theme through the character, setting, and symbols. Characters played a big role in the story. First, Solomon who is the husband of young woman. His name kind of explains what type of man he is going to be in the story. Solomon was the king of Israel and in the story Welty provides information that Solomon is playing a king type role. Welty says Solomon had a bed "like a throne" (511). "Solomon had never let Livvie go any farther than the chicken house and the well. (515). Welty shows the control Solomon has over Livvie (the young girl). Another sign of control that Welty shows in the story is, "Solomon would not have let Livvie look at them, just as he would not let her look at a field hand or a field hand look at her" (512-513). He does not realize how unappreciative he is making Livvie. Livvie, her name too has a symbol. It means "life" or "live". "She is unable to live her life Watt 2 under Solomon’s strict rule (Sample Short Story Ana...

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Gattaca Film Study Essay

Gattaca is often portrayed as a quest film. A quest film is defined as â€Å"a character that is on a journey or adventure with an ultimate goal in mind of completing a task or to obtain an object of significance.† (Merriam-Webster, 2012) The quest often involves overcoming challenges and to do this the character learn something about him/her-self and this then aids them on their â€Å"quest†. Being a quest film, Gattaca shares many characteristics that are often found in other movies of a similar genre. Examples of these include – Pirates of the Caribbean and In Time. Pirates of the Caribbean, is told with the protagonist as Captain Jack Sparrow on a quest to help him obtain immortality. The characters in both Pirates of the Caribbean and Gattaca share many similar traits; they are both after a strongly desired goal and will take the necessary risks to succeed. Gattaca, being produced in 1997, had many cutting edge ideas with such vision leading directors of the time. It was set in what was though the not so distant future of today would look like. It gives us an insight into a world based around the genetically superior, where genes are all that matter. The main character Vincent Freeman has dreamt of becoming an astronaut his whole life but, due to being conceived naturally and receiving a life expectancy of 30 years. He is cast aside in society, labelled a â€Å"Degenerate† and â€Å"Invalid†. Vincent soon learns he will never be able to move ahead in life; to fulfil his dream Vincent uses a â€Å"Borrowed ladder† from a genius named Jerome Eugene Morrow, who is a paraplegic due to an accident overseas. The term a â€Å"Borrowed Ladder† comes as the protagonist Vincent impersonates the life of Jerome thus using his identity. After months of special care, training and changes to his looks, Vincent enters the Aerospace Corporation known as â€Å"Gattaca†. Impersonating Jerome, Freeman becomes the company’s top navigator with a perfect record and clean slate by working hard and working hard to keep his real identity a secret; he is chosen to go on a manned spaceflight to Saturn’s moon Titus, but complications arise. One week before departure, when one of the managing directors is bludgeoned to death. An â€Å"Invalids† profile; Vincent’s old identity, is uncovered by investigators and this threatens to jeopardise his chances of going to Titan. After managing to avoid being caught by using precautions such as placing samples of DNA supplied by Jerome around Gattaca and even receiving help from a young lady, Irene; with whom Vincent develops feelings for. He ends up finally leaving Earth on due course for Titan. Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides (2011) Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides (2011) The Pirates of the Caribbean series are another group of quest movies opened by introducing the goal of the main character, Captain Jack Sparrow. He is always on a quest in search for personal well fortune and benefits. He uses his friends throughout these many adventures, and alike Gattaca, the Protagonist is able to achieve his own desires. During Gattaca, Vincent is aided on several occasions, one being when Irene hides his true identity from the authorities to help him complete his goal/mission. Irene does this; I think because she can understand where he is coming from as she has personal experience suffering in a world where genes are everything. The movie ends with Vincent successfully making it onto the space craft headed to Titan; the ending adds a sense of success but subtly hints to deep sadness with two lines, â€Å"They say every atom in our bodies was once part of a star† and â€Å"Maybe I’m not leaving, maybe I’m going home†. The movie reaches a climax when Vincent is almost discovered by his brother (the leading detective on the case), but manages to get past this by telling his brother that â€Å"he always gave 110 percent†. The quest is completed, as shown in Pirates of the Caribbean, when Captain Jack Sparrow finally manages to overcome a final obstacle and regain ownership of his beloved ship, the Black Pearl. This is exactly the same in Gattaca with Vincent overcoming the final problem of his identity getting potentially exposed by a medical examiner giving him one last routine urine test. It is shown through a simple line that the examiner has known his real identity all along. He achieves his goal and boards the spacecraft without any further problems Vincent achieving this goal shows to us that no matter what ones, goal or dreams are, overcoming the problems you are faced with will ultimately help you in achieve it. Gattaca is a good example of a quest movie because it clearly explains what the goal of the protagonist is and once it has established this, it shows how he overcame his many problems to achieve an ultimate goal. There are many attractions for the audience with many special filming techniques and suspenseful moments utilizing a constant beat to add effect and drama. There is a specific scene in the movie where Vincent is meant to be at home sick but instead is unable to be there so he tells Jerome to impersonate him. There is a problem with this, as to open the door and greet the detective, Jerome must climb a stair case. Without the use of his legs Jerome finds this a challenge because he is a paraplegic. The suspense builds as Jerome struggles up the stairs, racing to get to the top before the detectives reach the door. As you would expect, one last moment effort from Jerome manages to keep the detectives from discovering who he really is. Irene plays a vital role in this scene by acting as if Jerome is Vincent, when she herself is only just finding out the truth. Overall, Gattaca is an excellent example of what a quest film should include. It has a strong story and the director utilizes many techniques with the music, lighting and even camera angles to top it off. The protagonist overcomes challenges; his genes as a place marker for him in society, almost becoming discovered as an â€Å"Invalid† and a brother who is close to exposing his secret. I think that the quest, his personal dream of travelling into space is worthwhile as he learns about himself while doing it.

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Social Inequality in Sidewalk - 2613 Words

The book Sidewalk, by Mitchell Duneier, touches on an extreme amount of social inequality issues and things that go on in an everyday urban society. He is a sociologist that wanted a personal inside look on what the people of the â€Å"sidewalk† go through in their mundane lives. The book itself, is a layout, better yet a portrait of these people’s or â€Å"vendors† experiences. Duneier wastes no time trying to dig deep into the problems that the people on the street have to go through. For instance, living conditions, hunger, and family issues while he also touches on bigger problems such as race, class, work, informal economy, social stratification, addiction, and gender issues. I believe Duneiers reasoning for writing and publishing this book is†¦show more content†¦He needs the money bad so he agrees to do it but This is alienation and inequality because Butteroll is doing something for Mudrick, yet Mudrick is only giving him 4 dollars of the profit. He is alienating himself from his fellow workers by cheating them and having them do more work that he’s more than capable of doing for little to no money at all. While he is also alienating Butteroll from the work itself. â€Å"Production process controls the worker† (Marx, Lecture 4). Another prime example of alienation is how the vendors don’t have the money to buy anything that they are selling such as the magazines. They can’t buy anything in them, yet they are selling them to get money. This connects to Marx’s 2nd rule of alienation. â€Å"Alienation from product itself†... â€Å"The end product seems foreign and out of control†(Marx, Lecture 4). The workers can work all they want but they only make a little money everyday on the street to get them food and to take care of their families if there lucky. â€Å"Work becomes a commodity† (Marx, Lecture 4). Work becomes a need for these people, which is why they result to th e street because they need any money that they can make. Another form of alienation seen in the book is that the vendors are alienated from any other type of jobs or work that doesn’t entail being on the street. People look at them as dirty, useless people but in reality, society is the one that makes them this way. They are on the streets because society doesn’t allow themShow MoreRelatedPublic Investment And City Level Differences1329 Words   |  6 PagesSuzanna Alsayed SOCI 3636 Social Inequality Professor Joanna Robinson October 5th 2015 Opportunities For The Better Social policy encompasses more than just income, job security, health care; it also provides the public with opportunities to improve their quality of life (Zuberi 2006, 113). The critical response will draw from two publications: first from â€Å"Public Investment and City-Level Differences† by Dan Zuberi in Difference That Matter: Social Policy and the Working Poor in the United StatesRead MoreThe City Of Vancouver Is World Renowned For Being A Beautiful1740 Words   |  7 Pagescrime, infectious disease, and mental illness† (Linden, Mar, Werker, Jang, Krausz, 2013, p. 559). There is a large amount of socially neglected and undesirable people living in the marginalized area. The following paper explores and focuses on the social impacts (internal and external) of the inhabitants of the DTES within the city of Vancouver, with a brief overview of the economic impacts. The DTES has been given the unfortunate designation of being the poorest and oldest neighbourhood in all ofRead MoreThe Article Zimmerman Is Aquitted981 Words   |  4 Pagesfollowing his disreguard to this request are of debate, but the cuts found on Zimmerman s head are proof that there was a struggle between the two; according to testimony Zimmerman claims that he was attacked by Martin who then bashed his head into the sidewalk. The lethal wound received by Martin was also considered in the verdict due to it being at an angle only capable if Martin had been leaning over Zimmerman. Although many speculate that that racial profiling was a key component of this investigationRead MoreAnalysis Of The Article What Happened When Michael Brown 1504 Words   |  7 Pagesat a local Ferguson Market and Liquor store, when they were stopped by Officer Darren Wilson. Johnson told to CNN that Officer Wilson had stopped the two young men when walking home from the market and had told them t o either â€Å"Get the f*** on the sidewalk† or â€Å"Get the f*** out of the street.† (Clarke and Lett 2014). The young men replied that they were only a short minute away from where they were heading and that they would shortly be out of the streets (Clarke and Lett 2014). Johnson’s side of theRead MoreHome From Nowhere By James Kunstler1361 Words   |  6 Pagespart, due to our association of the city with the dirty industrial revolution rather than the more natural green environment that people prefer. He calls the public realm the connective tissue of our everyday world. It is parks, streets, squares, sidewalks, vistas and views and defined open space and seascapes, rural working landscapes and wilderness and porticos and entrances to the more often private spaces of buildings. A good public realm is important to foster interaction between people. To goRead MoreHow Material Things Contribute Towards Differences on a Street.754 Words   |  4 PagesTaking into consideration that ‘difference is not the same as inequality’ (Blakeley et al., 2009, p. 24), this essay intends to look at KÃâ€" and outline how the material things contribute towards differences with reference to City Road; deriving from the premise that the material assets of a street can generate either an inclusive or exclusive interaction, favouring some and not others. Kà ¶nigsalle, known by its nickname, â€Å"Kà ¶, is the most beloved upscale commercial street in Germany (Welt onlineRead MoreThe Achievement Of The Academy Awards Program For The Entertainment Industry1383 Words   |  6 Pagestime to have wage equality once and for all.† Not many celebrities have spoken out about the inequalities of women, especially in front of forty-three million viewers, but gender inequality is in urgent need of solving because it is directly linked to poverty and the likelihood of never escaping it. Arquette’s speech highlights the need for awareness. Every day millions of women suffer from gender inequality, if gender equality is successful, then less women will be in poverty, overall helping. Read MoreSummary Of A Small World 975 Words   |  4 Pagestremendously close together. Through Lee’s protagonist, narrator Scout Finch, Lee is able to flashback to Scout’s life in the seemingly peaceful and quiet Maycomb. However, when Scout and Jem, her brother, start to grow up, they begin to realize that the social hierarchy in Maycomb County is irrational and prejudicial because it is mostly based on race, history, and wealth and when justice needs to be served, they ignore it and try to resist change. Harper Lee uses the childhood experiences of Jem and ScoutRead MoreThe Social Issues of Homelessness Essay examples1432 Words   |  6 PagesSociology 2, Social Issues Problems Section 80528 November 24, 2008 The Social Issue of Homelessness Homelessness has always been a major social issue for cities across the nation but in recent years it is reached astonishing proportions. In this essay I will try to summarize ten recently published articles and each of the authors view of homelessness. First I will discuss some of their opinions of the causes of the recent increase of homelessness and who or what is to blame. Next we willRead MoreEssay On Social Class And Health1489 Words   |  6 Pagesimpact their health. I will provide a better understanding of how a person’s social situation and economic class can have a problem with their social inequalities in healthcare. I will discuss the relationship between class and health with examples from different counties and compare the aspects that determine social class. According to Oxford Dictionary social class is defined as â€Å"a division of a society based on social and economic status† (Oxford University Press, 2017). This term is an informal

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Human Rights And Its Effects On Society Essay - 1672 Words

Human Rights is one of the most fundamental rights individuals should have in society. As individuals, it’s our natural right to have the right to life. No one should be executed or discriminated because they do not fit in certain characteristics that those that are superior have outlined as fit for society. Many countries suffer from the lack of protecting their citizens’ human rights. For instance, citizens have been executed and discriminated because of their gender, race, and religion affiliations, which is unjust. Individuals have lost their lives because of not having their country making sure their right to life and freedom does not get taking away. For instance, the persecution of the Jews by the Nazi’s, many of them lost their life because of a lack of human right to protect them from being executed without a logic purpose. As a society we can not construct some criteria as to whom can have human rights and those that cannot. Society is not supposing to be built on unjust acts against those in society. As individuals, everyone should be able to live in a more just and humane society. This paper will focus on the human rights and exactly what is human rights. In addition, explore the genocide that happens under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, which resulted in millions of Jews lives being taken away and trying to cause extinction to the European Jewish community. In addition, focus on the aftermath of educating individuals about human rights after the historicalShow MoreRelatedThe Problem Of Human Rights Law1361 Words   |  6 PagesThis essay will argue that human rights law is not completely of no assistance in dealing with homelessness. However, it will discuss its deficiencies in dealing with homelessness. It will focus on how the human Rights law influences decision making policies in protecting and preventing new range of homelessness, this will be discussed from the United Nations perspectives. It will also emphasize on the provisions and the influence of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) on the domestic lawRead MoreHuman Trafficking Is A Grave Crime And A Serious Violation Of Human Rights1555 Words   |  7 PagesHumana Trafficking Introduction Human trafficking refers to the practice of recruiting, transferring, transporting, receiving, or harboring people through the use of force, threat, or other forms of abduction, coercion, deception, fraud, as well as abuse of power or vulnerability position (Segrave 2). Human trafficking is a grave crime and a serious violation of human rights as it involves a broad range of human exploitations, including forced labor, sexual exploitation, slavery practices, as wellRead MoreThe Effects Of Overpopulation On The Human Population1532 Words   |  7 Pagesscientists, researchers, and the human populace as a whole. Overpopulation, the condition where an area holds more people than in which the area can properly function, is a serious issue which has many adverse effects on the well-being of a healthy human population. A growing seven billion people live on Earth and factors such as pollution, and human well being may all be affected by overpopulation, and continued growth in population will cause an even greater impact on society, individuals, and the environmentRead MorePublic Opinion on Gender Issues: Human Rights, American Civil Rights, and Feminist Movements1328 Words   |  5 Pageson Gender Issues: Human Rights, American Civil Rights, and Feminist Movements The development of social movements in the course of human history has led to unprecedented changes that challenged the not only the status quo, but most importantly, the worldviews of societies as well. Social movements have sprung to create a new world order that defined human societies as they exist today. It is not surprising, then, that social movements like the Human Rights, American Civil Rights, and Feminist movementsRead MoreDemocracy for All?1061 Words   |  4 Pagescalled â€Å"human right† while the liberal supporters cheer at the prospect of our country being a tiny bit more democratic. In 2005 the European Council of Human Rights deemed it illegal for a country in the European Union to have in place a complete blanket ban on the voting rights of its incarcerated citizens. The British government to this date remains fiercely opposed to offering prisoners the right to vote. This puts Britain in a position where they are technically breaching the human rights of t heirRead MoreEssay Exploring John Mills Harm Principle1580 Words   |  7 Pages Freedom is a necessary principle to abide by in order for the human race to function. On the other hand, freedom can be taken advantage of, thus resulting in harmful consequences to those directly and indirectly involved. The article, â€Å"On Liberty† by John S. Mills, places emphasis on the functioning of individual liberty and its co-existence with society. Mills stresses the limits of individual liberty through what is famously known as his Harm Principle: the only purpose for which power may beRead MoreThe Moral And Ethical Treatment Of Being Respected And Treated Humanely1702 Words   |  7 PagesFrom my perspective, dignity is the nourishment and affirmation of one’s self-worth; in other words, fuel that every human possesses and should have preserved to remain fully human. However, prominent 19th century social reformers like Jeremy Bentham were critical of the notion that prisoners ought to possess declared rights. Bentham thought it was naà ¯ve to reason tha t declared rights could exist outside the law, and his criticism derives from a theoretical commitment to a system where law, punishmentRead MoreAnimal Testing Should Not Be Banned1581 Words   |  7 Pagesanimal testing having a harmful effect but it is one of the main reasons why society has most cures for some illnesses. This topic is important because people need to know what goes on during animal testing and why it is very beneficial. Animal testing needs to be used to find all cures. Some animals such as chimps/ monkeys have 90% of the same DNA humans have. Therefore chimps and monkeys can be used all the time to help find cures and prevent illnesses considering humans are so much alike them. AnimalRead MoreAnimal Testing Essay1194 Words   |  5 Pagesbenefit of human beings goes back thousands of years. A common theme has been present: the use of these animals has been necessary for survival. Of late, these essential sacrifices have metamorphosed into yield-less speculatio ns. Animal testing is wrong based on these premises: there are available alternatives to direct testing on live animals, the results acquired rom the tests are inaccurate and repetitive, and ultimately it is speciesism, which is comparable to racism and sexism. Today’s society hasRead MoreThe Impact Of Apples On Society And Stakeholders1565 Words   |  7 Pagespurpose of this essay is to verify or to discredit two aspects of Apple Company s social performance with regards to achieving society s expectations of its business operations. The employment the health and human rights in Foxconn are examined and highlights both positive and negative cases. The essay will discuss the impacts and implications of Apple s action on society and stakeholders. Lastly, we focus on the conclusion regarding CSR practices and give some suggestions for the future of CSR

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Feminism Is Not A Feminist - 805 Words

At first I thought I was not a feminist. However, after careful consideration and research into feminist ideology, I have realized that I am a feminist. Individual feminism or Libertarian feminism represents my beliefs very closely. I do believe that women have been subjugated to men and remain so in many parts of the world. We have not achieved parity with men in all areas. Government continues to regulate the choices of women in terms of reproductive issues. There are ongoing struggles at the state level for access to abortion services. Until recently, young women were expected to pay more for their health insurance for maternity coverage. In addition, there appears to be a remaining wage gap in certain industries. Despite these and other discrepancies I do not identify with the tactics often employed by the most visible feminist groups. Radical feminism employs tactics that create oppressive forces against other groups (â€Å"Feminism is not about equality†, 2014). I view m any of the tactics to improve the plight of women as oppressive to men and I do no believe in oppressing any group. Oppression in any form has disastrous consequences. In addition, radical feminists often demonize other women who think, act or behave in ways that are different to them. It makes me feel angry to be told that Western culture discourages independence and autonomy in women. To me these are sweeping generalities, because my father certainly encouraged both. I am not a victim and I can beShow MoreRelatedFeminism And The Feminist Movement Essay1292 Words   |  6 PagesThe feminist movement came to fruition during the early 20th century. Over all, the push for women s suffrage and rights was strong, but further enhanced by leaders like Alice Paul and Jane Addams. The idea of equal rights for all was further scrutinized and contested after civil rights were granted to former slaves. Women began to push for similar equality as illustrated through the feminist movement. The feminist movement became very large and sprouted subsections, one being a subsectionRead MoreFeminist Theory Of Feminism1245 Words   |  5 Pagesinvited to feel welcome to participate in the conversation ( Watson, 2014). In the feminist perspective, which is an extension of feminism, there is support of equality for both women and men. Feminism is a belief that women and men have equal rights and opportunities. There are many different branches in the feminist perspective, one of the most interesting one is intersectional feminism. Intersectional feminism believes that experiences of class, gender, and race can not be adequately understoodRead MoreFeminism : A Feminist Perspective1321 Words   |  6 Pagesthen congratulations -- you re a feminist! (Kingston). People who advertise feminism in this manner are exactly how feminists have reached the point they are today. Feminists are demonizing men to sexual predators and using popular culture as ground zero for their activism ca mpaigns, to show females as either a victim or the hero who empowered herself as a woman. These absurd characteristics come to mind when someone speaks of feminism today. When a modern feminist does not adhere to some ridiculousRead MoreFeminism And The Feminist Movement Essay1523 Words   |  7 Pagescreated works that were completely original, and treated everyone with respect, dignity, and authenticity. Roxane Gay’s â€Å"Bad Feminist: Take One† ruminates on the authenticity of feminist identity constructed on principles of â€Å"essential feminism.† Ultimately, Gay arrives at the conclusion that narrowly constructed and rigidly defined fundamentals or â€Å"essentials† of feminism conflict with the complexities of womanhood and lead to an inauthentic (and unacceptable) identity. Gay advocates that genderRead MoreFeminist Speech On Feminism1130 Words   |  5 Pagesintent - In my seminar I’m going to talk about how important feminism is and e nlightening my audience about how women s rights are being suppressed. Feminism by definition is the advocacy of women s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes, and being an advocate of feminism means you believe in equality. But recently I’ve seen that feminism has gotten a negative connotation saying feminism is anti-men and isolating. Feminists are looked down upon as our opinions seem too strong or aggressiveRead MoreFeminism : A Feminist Perspective1168 Words   |  5 Pagesactivism has influenced my intellectual journal through feminist theory. Feminism is a contentious topic with matters that pertain to contemporary feminism, including the following: reproductive rights; equal access to education and employment; marriage equality; violence against women; and the sex trade. While these are only a few of the issues faced by feminists, it is evident that feminism has great value in today’s society. My journey with feminism began in high school when a professor shared negativeRead MoreFeminism And The Feminist Movement924 Wo rds   |  4 Pagesplaylist I chose to focus on an overall theme of Feminism and the impact that women in popular music have through music. A feminist supports the ideals for equal rights for women. They share a common goal to achieve equal political, economic, personal, social and cultural rights. The women music genre emerged during the second-wave feminist movement. Women artists have taken to the music industry to express the idea of women rights through a feminist movement. This playlist includes eight songs fromRead MoreFeminism And The Feminist Movement Essay1672 Words   |  7 PagesThe feminist movement has transformed over the past century through the strength of thousands of women who were willing to put their lives and reputations on the line to fight against social injustice. The feminist movement has a common theme: rights and respect for women. However, it’s goals, methods and conceptions of who is included under the identity â€Å"feminist† has evolve d considerably since the 19th century. The U.S. feminist movement’s objectives have progressed from prioritizing legislationRead MoreFeminism : A Feminist Perspective1083 Words   |  5 PagesFeminism is an interesting topic to cover. Feminism is often associated with or assumed to be radical feminism, despite the fact that they are two different mindsets. Feminism, in its purest sense, is the seeking of gender equality in society. It seeks to go against the idea of male supremacy and gender stereotypes, saying that both of the two are oppressive and uncalled for. Radical feminism tends to have more to do with the concept of patriarchy, saying that female dominance has been â€Å"historicallyRead MoreFeminism And The Feminist Movement1304 Words   |  6 PagesWith the rise of the feminist movement there have been many significant advances toward women gaining equality in all aspects of life. Media has a strong influence on society and it is continuously educating, info rming and conditioning how humans behave and display themselves. With the media endorsing so many hyper sexualized images of men and women, it is very unlikely that these ideas would render no impact on our sense of identity. Feminism is a social principle and political movement mostly based